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Welcome to SFSA Holding KB (LP)
Aviation is our business!

SFSA Holding KB (LP) delivers customized business solutions to the aviation industry and related industries.
A holding company is normally a company that owns shares in other companies.
However, despite its name, SFSA Holding does not own shares in other companies.
Our company is primarily a consulting company within the aviation industry.
SFSA Holding KB consists of three (3) different parts within the aerospace industry which is the primary reason for our name holding:

1. International consultant for airlines, airports and related industries like travel agencies, travel companies, etc.
2. International Flight Crew Services - virtual airport & FBO (SFSA Flight Support) targeting customers and markets globally.
3. Aviation Online-shop.(Scandinavian Aviation Store)The shop is on hold until further notice.



Develop distinctive, substantial and lasting solutions for the aviation business
Develop innovations, entrepreneurial activities, strategy, marketing, revenue management, air traffic management, planning, distribution, IT-strategy and technology.



We strive to achieve excellence in all our activities.
Our goal is to maintain the high-quality of our services and increase our footprint within the aerospace market.


More of Company Profile

Founded in 1997 as SFSA Web Briefing Office with the first online flight crew briefing service for Scandinavia -,

SFSA Holding KB is one of the established specialist aviation consultancy firms in Scandinavia. It's team brings a wealth of industry-specific and consultancy experience covering an extensive range of project areas in the airport, airline and air traffic management sectors.

Our independent consultants have all extensive experience, some with backgrounds as either currently employed or have a background as airline pilots, both in Sweden, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Together we have worked in almost 30 countries worldwide.

We don't have employed personnel. All consultancy work is carried out by of us hired subcontractors and / or hired consulting firms.

More of Mission....

Our mission is to provide the aviation industry and managers with cost effective strategies and solutions.

More of Vision....

To offer excellent flight crew services on internet for flight crews, flight dispatchers, aircraft operators, aircraft owners and executive business travellers via our international SFSA Flight Support virtual airport & FBO.

And finally to serve our pilots/flight crews, aircraft owners and flight school students with excellent equipment´s and theoretical materials via the Scandinavian Aviation Store online shop.


SFSA Holding KB (LP)
Box 29002
SE-100 52 Stockholm, Sweden


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